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Selah - a pause or a breath to reflect, think, a mark signifying the end or a beginning.

Path - a line or way along which something travels.


These two words are anagrams of my name. They closely articulate my journey and process of making. Influenced by two diametrically opposite cultures of the east and the west and inspired by both, my work articulates dualities I encounter in daily life. I am attracted to natural organic qualities like weathering, erosion, burning and other environmental effects that tell a story about the passage of time and history of transition and rebirth. I am also inspired by basic geometric shapes and modern architecture and through my work I try to build a connection between these dualities. Inspired by Japanese philosophy and design, my art is also focused on reducing elements to their core essence by eroding and diminishing all that is apparent to embody a sense of organic structure.


On a personal note, crossing borders and cultures is an avid interest of mine. When traveling, I prefer to experience the essence of a place through off-the-beaten-path encounters, the adventure of getting lost is always welcome, adding to the journey of discovery. I enjoy the outdoors, running and yoga. I am concerned with the state of our Earth and the emotional and physical footprint we leave behind as a community. 


  • BFA in Adverstising & Visual Communication, 1986, Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai, India.

  • AA in Fashion Design, 1994, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA.

  • MFA in Jewelry & Metals Arts, 2019, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, USA.



Art Director - Advertising, India (1986 -1990)

Fashion designer / Creative director - New York (1994 -2006)

Jeweler and Metalsmith - San Francisco (2019 -present)


  • Spring Show 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019; Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, CA

  • "Past, Present, Future" Alumni Show 2019; Academy of Arts University; San Francisco, CA


  • Holiday Craft Show "Gifty" 2021 : The Crucibles; Oakland, CA

  • Holiday Craft Show "Gifty" 2022 : The Crucibles; Oakland, CA

  • Holiday Craft Show "Gifty" 2023 : The Crucibles; Oakland, CA



  • Museum of Art in Wood, Philadelphia

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