I am interested in making connections. I create as a way of  linking my thoughts, inspirations and contemplations in a visual way. Creating is an intuitive journey to articulate my personal aesthetic through interaction with materials and processes. 


My journey of making is rooted in my dual cultures of the East and the West. Inspired by both cultures, my work is an exploration to find a connection between these diametrically opposite influences. I view making as a personal alchemic journey in search for a harmonized perspective using cultural signifiers, materials and processes. I am attracted to natural organic qualities like weathering, erosion, burning and other environmental effects that tell a story about the passage of time and history of transition and rebirth. Inspired by Japanese philosophy and design, my art is focused on reducing elements to their core essence by eliminating the apparent to embody a sense of simplicity and organic structure. 


On a personal note, crossing borders and experiencing cultures is an avid interest of mine. When traveling, I prefer to experience the essence of a place through off-the-beaten-path encounters. The adventure of getting lost is always welcome adding to the journey of discovery. I enjoy the outdoors, running and yoga. I am concerned with the state of our Earth and the emotional and physical footprint we leave behind as a community.